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Each custom original is collaboration between you and Martha. Together you will design and create a piece of paper-cut art that tells the story of a moment in time that begs to be acknowledged.

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Weddings / Anniversaries

Whether a gift for the bride and groom, the bridal party or for parents, weddings and anniversaries are a joyous time to tell the story of the day. The design can use the flowers of the bouquet, tell the “story” of the couple, frame the invitation or a combination of the important elements of the event.

Custom Cuttings ~ Babies

The arrival of a new baby is a time to celebrate. Create a special gift with Martha showing the theme of the baby’s room, the traditions important to the family, flowers of the birth month with the special meaning or a collection of favorite items.

Graduation / Retirement

Retirement or graduations are milestones in ones life. Commemorate the celebration with a paper-cut telling the story of the accomplishment.


Paper cuttings make a clean graphic statement to easily identify as your store or group’s ID.