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Papercut Ornaments
Martha’s cut paper ornaments will surely be a special addition to your tree, to add to your home decor, or to give as a gift.

A Paper-Cut Christmas, The Legend of the Gift Giver($28.50)
The stories in this book are about real and imaginary heroes who inhabit chilly landscapes and bring gifts of cheer and hope during long winter nights. Legends created and handed down through generations of storytelling … Holland’s Saint Nicholas, Italy’s Lady Befana, Poland’s Starman and Sweden’s Santa Lucia are among the magical characters described in this book. Read one story a day during your month leading up to the 25th of December.

A Paper-Cut Christmas, The Twelve Days of Christmas ($32.50)
Holiday traditions may vary among cultures and generations, but the carol The Twelve Days of Christmas has lasted the test of time through both. Unwritten origins and references to mythology and pagan beliefs, plus their intriguing meanings given by Christians, add to the enduring magic of the Christmas classic, highlighted by Martha’s unique papercut interpretations. The joy of the song is echoed in this holiday book.

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